Eurokonzol Ltd., founded in 2002, offers engineering services, project management and project support services for implementing industrial constructions. Since 2011, in addition to technical inspection, Eurokonzol has also been providing comprehensive engineering support upon client request, including active involvement in design, as well as support in selecting contractors.

Quality Policy

According to our philosophy, the progress of the project and the quality of implementation should not be monitored merely distantly, but on a daily basis throughout the whole project period. We are committed to applying the latest technologies and methods in Hungary. As a part of this, we perform our quality control processes via a specialised software support, thus improving the efficiency of not only our own, but our current contractors’ work as well, in a common effort to achieve better results.


The trust of our clients is of key importance to us.


The professional expertise of our engineers is complemented with several years of experience. Our references meeting high quality standards stand as proof of our expertise.


Besides meeting the requirements of professional standards, Eurokonzol takes pride in setting its own high quality standards throughout the whole construction process.


We are committed to ensuring that all our clients’ investments lead to fruitful results.


The most important product of Eurokonzol Ltd is the quality implementation of civil engineering facilities in Hungary and Western Europe. Our services are always tailored to the current project in the following fields of activity:

  • technical and economic consultancy
  • field-specific design
  • project management
  • investment management
  • technical inspection
  • general implementations
  • prime contracting
  • real estate development
  • buying and selling of real estate
  • general plans

Our colleagues

Our staff and regular subcontractors form a well-established team, working in the following fields:

  • civil engineering
  • structural design
  • building mechanical enineering (HVAC)
  • construction electricity
  • cooling technology
  • industrial flooring implementation
  • stainless steel welding technology